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Record to Report: Period-End Reporting & Reconciliations

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Record to Report: Period-End Reporting & Reconciliations


  • Downloading multiple financial reports across different source systems like Bank, ERP, Custom applications, etc. impacted overall productivity

  • High manual effort was spent on data collection and standardization

  • Macro Excels would frequently crash during the report generation process

  • 8-10 hours spent in report generation left little to no time for analysis and cash collection


  • Leverage UiPath to download the reports from multiple systems after inputting the right parameters

  • Custom solution to break down Excel file contents into smaller chunks and ensure parallel processing

  • Custom VB script to ensure the bot-generated report matches the current standard and formatting


  • 50-60% reduction in processing time

  • Improved accuracy

  • Increase in employee satisfaction

  • Focus on collections rather than tedious reporting during month-end closure activities

  • 100% compliant process steps followed by the bot

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