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Cloud Advisory

Business resilience and innovation through intelligent cloud transformation

Cloud Advisory Offerings

Salesforce Advisory
Salesforce is now beyond just a SaaS-based CRM. Our salesforce experts follow robust and highly effective frameworks to identify the challenges and explore future opportunities within business processes to strategize and support value-driven engagements.

Enterprises are leveraging our Salesforce advisory to plan a comprehensive CRM roadmap, scalable and efficient customer service plan that covers experience design, data management & integration, data quality assessment, and solution design providing them with full insight into the company’s relationships and interactions.
Cloud Data Migration
Today enterprises are migrating on-premise data and big data processing to a combination of public, and private SaaS data platforms for cost optimization and leveraging more value from data.

Relanto’s cloud data consulting ensures reliable migration of data and data pipelines, scalable ML models, integrated xOps (DataOps, MLOps, AIOps), and effortless real-time interactive analytics.

Our team of experts works with you to develop and implement the right strategy and detailed migration plan for a secure, dependable, and scalable route to move data to the right cloud.
CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)
Pricing has always been a major pain point for enterprise sales teams ~ incorrect prices and bundles, unavailable customer configurations, and unapproved discounts.

With Relanto’s CPQ advisory and consulting services, enterprises are enhancing buyer experience while simplifying overall workflow. Our CPQ transformation solutions enable our customers to improve margins, reduce quote iterations, reduce quote turnaround time, reduce inventory costs, and enhance operational efficiency.
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