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Communication & Technology

Driving rapid innovation with intelligent planning solutions, enhancing real-time supply chain visibility, AI-led territory, and quota planning, and delivering Nextgen forecasting, incentive compensation, and FP&A solutions

Communication & Technology Solutions

Enterprise Planning 
The post-pandemic technology and communications industry need enhanced supply chain visibility, efficient financial operations, and intelligent territory & quota design to thrive in today’s competitive world.

Relanto’s deep domain expertise, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions in Supply chain, FP&A, Sales Performance Management, and Workforce planning are enabling customers with their business transformation goals.
Nextgen Customer Engagement
To thrive in the post-pandemic world of digital customer experience, Technology and Communications companies need to find innovative ways to connect with their customers at every engagement opportunity.

Our Salesforce and CPQ experts are empowering customers to connect, engage and redefine the digital experience for stronger brand loyalty and a seamless sales process. 
AI-Driven Analytics
The communications and technology industry has troves of customer data which, if harnessed with the right data strategy and tools, can provide the much-needed competitive advantage through insights-driven sales and personalized marketing.

With Relanto’s data advisory, Mindful AI design framework, and consulting services, our customers are leveraging AI-driven insights for sales and marketing transformation through unique and personalized cross-selling and up-selling.


Enterprise Business Planning

Integrated enterprise planning and data-driven decision-making...

Data & AI

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Digital Strategy

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Cloud Advisory

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