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Data & AI

Actionable Insights for Agile Enterprise from internal and external data

Data and AI Offerings

Data & AI Advisory
Most enterprises are struggling today to reap the benefits of AI as part of their strategic transformation initiatives, due to poor data governance and a lack of comprehensive, trustworthy, and inclusive AI strategy.AI/ML initiatives fail in enterprise adoption due to a lack of a holistic vision to integrate people into the existing and future data ecosystems.

We unleash the potential of AI to help organizations accelerate enterprise's ability to grow, innovate and be more resilient, rooted in empathy for the people who run it & the people it serves.

With Relanto’s data advisory and Mindful AI design framework, customers are building the people-centric, AI-led business world for tomorrow.
Computer Vision and NLP
Computer Vision, powered by AI & machine learning, is making the world see differently. Across industries, it’s now feasible to automate tasks such as recognizing handwriting and identifying faces enabling innovative business solutions.

Relanto’s Computer Vision solutions address data ingestion, data preprocessing, model training and fitting, hyper-parameter tuning, feature engineering, real-time predictions, and designing ML pipelines. With our capabilities in NLP/G, we decipher, connect, and merge disparate data to turn them into human-understandable insights and stories.
Cloud Data Migration
Today’s enterprises are struggling with expensive legacy on-premises data architectures and analytics ecosystems, siloed data, and fragmented technology strategies.

As a business-first, with Relanto’s iterative build approach, extensive industry knowledge, and deep cloud migration technologies, we help enterprises to move critical workloads to the cloud and modernize infrastructure to make them future-ready. As part of the approach, our expert team of cloud consultants accelerate the transition and uncover possibilities to build application performance management (APM) solution which extends to the public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, or multi-cloud services.
Data Engineering
In the current market landscape, enterprises spend more cost and effort in processing data and maintaining the data pipelines instead of delivering insights.

With the right expertise, our data engineering services build and streamline data processing pipelines, and modernize the data platform to enable rapid AI adoption.

Our advanced consulting ensures reliable data pipelines, scalable ML models, seamless cloud data migration, integrated xOps (DataOps, MLOps, AIOps), and effortless real-time interactive analytics.
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