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Enterprise Business Planning

Integrated enterprise planning and data-driven decision-making for accelerating collaboration and improving resiliency

Enterprise Business Planning Offerings

Sales Planning

Incentive Compensation Management
Automation of the administration, calculation, reporting, and analytics of the variable-based pay programs, providing a clear, comprehensive view of sales commission and sales compensation plans.
Territory Management & Quota Planning
Enabling sales leaders to segment their markets, identify the coverage gaps and align territories that motivate sales performance and drive revenue. ​
Sales Forecasting
Forecasting of territories, quotas, and incentives, aligned with the organization’s sales strategy dynamically adjusted based on practical insights derived from various internal and external signals.

FP&A Planning

Revenue & OpEx Planning
Aligning revenue targets to strategic plans and allocating by geography, product, business unit, etc. leveraging business drivers and zero-based methodologies to plan operating expenses providing immediate aggregation and P&L impact.
Long Range Planning
Financial Planning for long-range (>3 years) that defines the strategic direction of the organization and drive sales and cost expectations with clear KPIs related to revenue, profit, revenue per employee, market cap, etc.
Capex Planning & Optimization
Planning and optimizing by reviewing existing CapEx by modeling new investments and facilitating the approval decision-making.

Supply Chain Planning

Demand Planning
Combine all sources of demand and trading information from internal and partner data as well as external signals for maximum accuracy of demand projections.
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Supply Planning
Make the planning more resilient by anticipating all typical supply variability factors by connecting Sales, Finance, and Supply Chain and also various other factors like inventory, targets, promos, fees, etc.
Supplier Collaboration
Frictionless relationship between buyer and supplier organizations assuring capacity for parts and/or finished goods and COGS by elimination of part cost overruns, fines, expedites, and buffer inventory with line of sight to flatten out demand spikes.

Healthcare Planning

Financial Optimization
Improve financial performance of healthcare services to deliver better outcomes while minimizing operational costs but still continuing to improve the personal relationship with consumers.
Patient Service Improvement by AI
Improve patient service levels and service costs across all channels by proven ML algorithms to analyze structured and unstructured data embedded in electronic health records, scanned notes, and handwritten notes to produce high-quality predictions.
Aligned Workforce
Improve revenue and lower operating costs by optimizing the workforce and ensuring the right skill sets are available where they are needed the most to handle sudden events like Covid related demand surges and employee availability.

Next Gen Planning with AI/ML

Enhance forecast accuracy of various use cases in Telecom, Healthcare, and Hi-Tech by analyzing trends over time, regions, teams, products, services, and many other dimensions using machine learning and predictive algorithms.
Analyze various "what-if" scenarios for insightful decision-making by real-time aggregation of insights from internal and external signals. Simulate and understand the risks and opportunities between numerous strategic options in changing market conditions at the operational level to build resilience.
Maximizing throughput by optimizing various parameters like human resources and materials with constraints by solving complex problems involving millions of combinations quickly and arriving at the best feasible solution to improve revenue, customer service levels, reduce waste, etc.
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