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FP&A for Seamless Contract Strategy and Management

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FP&A for Seamless Contract Strategy and Management


  • Reliance on standalone Excel models for scenario assessments

  • Inability to respond quickly to market dynamics and difficulty in adapting to frequent regulatory changes

  • Inefficient version control led to confusion, delays, and potential errors

  • Limited institutional memory for the executed deal

  • Lack of collaboration and visibility increased the risk of communications and created silos


  • Put in place a centralized contract repository to eliminate the need for multiple Excel files and to allow access to the most up-to-date contact information in real-time

  • Develop a payer contracting tool using Anaplan for key pharmacy benefits brands, integrating smart features like the Analog Library and Share Shift

  • Integrate pre and post-deal capabilities to maintain a repository of payer and PBM deals, enabling ongoing performance tracking and readiness for market dynamics like IRA in rebate evaluations

  • Enable deviation analytics to evaluate the elements responsible for disparities between actual data and forecasts, creating a feedback mechanism for forthcoming transactions


  • Quick access to information through automation

  • Improved contract savings from informed contract negotiation

  • Enhanced modeling support for contract negotiation

  • Centralized governance of data

  • Reduced cycle time for decision-making

  • Shift to improved self-service analytics

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