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Platform Support for Retail Giant Improves Service Capabilities

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Platform Support for Retail Giant Improves Service Capabilities


  • Inefficient service ticket management hampered customer experiences and delayed operations, affecting bottom-line

  • Disparate data sources led to dispersed and challenging workflows for agents resulting in frequent errors, delayed customer resolutions, and inefficient access management

  • Difficulties persisted in managing inventory and purchase orders due to complex architecture reliant on legacy processes

  • Inconsistencies in data from the absence of an efficient reporting tool created silos and led to inaccuracies in company records


Incident Management System

  • Refactor service desk ticket queue management

  • Create provision for the AOS board in a centralized location to manage open issues, documents, project deliverables, tasks, and defects

  • Validate new access requests and user inquiries to the required folder

  • Analyze the root cause in the database to prevent inaccuracy in the report

  • Solve long pending access request backlogs in a matter of months

Server Monitoring & Inventory

  • Deploy Tableau admin and Oracle OBIEE server monitoring

  • Deactivate agent accounts and disable dashboards to improve Power BI performance

  • Refactor Content Archival process for Tableau workbooks inventory of unused dashboards


  • 600+ Incident backlogs resolved

  • Reduced IT operation cost by 50%

  • Resolved 300+ access management requests

  • Enhanced transparency in service functions

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