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Retail & CPG

AI-driven customer experience and loyalty, accelerating innovation & operational excellence, real-time supply chain planning, and building the future of digital retail

Retail and CPG Solutions

Digital Transformation
The Retail and CPG industry is being reshaped with rapid prioritization and development of e-commerce and omnichannel, shifting consumer preferences and hyper-personalization, and increasing supply chain complexity.

As a strategic partner, Relanto’s proven expertise in harnessing the technology ecosystem, product partnerships, and innovative solutions, is enabling the multiyear transformation journeys of our customers to drive sustained digital value.
AI-Driven Insights
There is an enormous opportunity to leverage data, ML & AI today for increased monetization and personalized services. With the right data strategy, technology, and automation tools, our Retail and CPG customers are unlocking opportunities to drive incremental value.

With Relanto’s data advisory, Mindful AI design framework, and consulting services, our customers are leveraging AI-driven insights to drive strategic initiatives for personalized experiences, security threat mitigation, and lowered costs through operational efficiencies.
Customer Experience
Today, a seamless and improved customer experience is key to driving customer loyalty in Retail & CPG. As the engagement shifts to digital-first, every transaction experience is critical for the right experience and to exceed customer expectations.

Our human-centric design framework helps to combine the power of data and automation, to transform the end customer experience and relationship from onboarding, and transacting, to problem resolution.


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