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Conversational AI to Assist Employees

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Conversational AI to Assist Employees


  • The organization handles a vast number of documents, which made it challenging to find the most relevant information quickly

  • Improper tagging or categorization of documents hindered data searching and retrieval resulting in relevant documents being overlooked

  • Different departments or teams maintained separate knowledge repositories, which led to knowledge silos and difficulties in accessing cross-functional information


  • Search Assist offers a comprehensive set of features for managing, optimizing, and refining the search experience

  • Users can add and organize content from various sources and formats – both structured and unstructured

  • System is further integrated with UiPath to take actions like – downloading reports, creating a ticket, auto-assignment, etc.

  • Integrated the app with MS Teams for seamless interaction and collaboration


  • 55% improvement in containment rate

  • 23% higher employee engagement

  • 24/7 availability

  • Time and resource optimization for HR & IT teams

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