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Intelligent Automation

Building holistic automation solutions powered by AI to unleash efficiency and innovation in business processes

Powering Business Excellence with Intelligent Automation

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Relanto: Suite of HyperAutomation

  • Intelligent Automation is an orchestration of complementary technologies like RPA, low-code automation, integration, etc. with an augmented layer of intelligence.

    Also known as – Hyperautomation, Cognitive Automation, Enterprise Automation.


  • This powerful combination allows solutions for complex business problems across platforms, technologies, and contexts.


  • Relanto is proficient in both the Art and Science of automation, leveraging our diverse offerings to address complex business challenges.

Our Approach 

Partnering with customers through the entire journey from Discovery to Delivering AI-powered automation solutions and building a sustainable CoE to scale automation initiatives to the next level.

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Relanto: Enterprise Automation Approach


Start by identifying the ideal candidates for automation within the enterprise through –

  • Process Mining

  • Task Mining

  • Design Thinking Workshops

  • Process Mapping & Prioritization


Implement best-in-class automation solutions to maximize operational efficiency:

  • RPA

  • Low-code integration/automation

  • OCR – Digitize documents


Enhance automation solutions with an intelligence layer for next-gen forecasting, real-time decision-making, and enhancing user experiences by leveraging:

  • Symbolic AI

  • Conversational AI powered by GenAI

  • Predictive Analytics

Measure & Optimize:

A strong monitoring system is essential for overseeing automated tasks, ensuring they meet performance goals, and enabling quick intervention for errors or failures:

  • Observability

  • Health-monitoring

  • Alert systems

  • Regular Audits


AI-enabled automation synergizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) with traditional automation capabilities leading to far-reaching benefits that go beyond simple task execution, paving the way for a new era of efficiency and intelligent decision-making.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships with leading technology providers in the hyper-automation space offers a broader range of solutions, access to cutting-edge technologies and delivers unparalleled value.

Unleash the Power of Data and AI for transforming Possibilities into Realities

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