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Data-driven Territory and Quota Planning for Increased Sales Productivity

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Data-driven Territory and Quota Planning for Increased Sales Productivity


  • Difficulties in managing geo-level hierarchy and multiple sales teams relied on Excel sheets

  • Lack of a streamlined process to maintain and calculate quotas in various sales team roles including RSM, CSM, SE, and solution specialists

  • Challenges persisted in preserving data integrity when accounts were transferred between different regions and geography (territories) 

  • Reliance on email chains and spreadsheets to manage the global account approval process made the workload cumbersome


  • Deploy a user-friendly dashboard to generate reports at different hierarchy levels based on the needs

  • Streamline process by mapping quota at territory and region level with a centralized platform to load and manage quotas for categories like BDOD, Partner, and SE, as well as calculate quotas for various sales team roles

  • Integrate data from Salesforce into a data hub model to ensure data integrity across systems

  • Automate the approval process to reduce reliance on email chains and provide provisions to overwrite the quotas before the final approval of management


  • Improved efficiency by reducing data management and approval processing time

  • Reduced data discrepancies during account transfer

  • Streamlined prioritization of new accounts using the propensity model

  • Efficient alignment between sales and finance teams' priorities

  • Increased sales productivity through real-time reports

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