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Modernized System Driving Business Agility & Scalability

Hi-Tech | Largest Networking Hardware Provider

Modernized System Driving Business Agility & Scalability


  • Lack of resources dedicated to technical debt/modernization initiatives

  • Performance and scalability challenges

  • Impact of recent slowdowns and stability issues

  • Components were on the verge of reaching governor limits

  • Lack of a central team to take accountability for monitoring

  • Broken, unenforced, or unused processes or code

  • Limited DevOps implementation to complement cloud capabilities with automated deployment, provisioning tools, and skilled resources


  • Initiate a pilot to showcase scalable, agile, and foundational improvements, resulting in accelerated feature and capability delivery in the market

  • Partner with App Dev teams to build CI/CD pipelines, Copado, and standardize automation tools supported by a DevOps enablement strategy, roadmap, and operating model

  • Enable SonarQube integration for static code analysis during code promotion and align functional groups across the organization with the importance of a governance model

  • Conduct workshops and assign DevOps leads to drive software engineering best practices including code refactoring, unit testing, and code reviews during team onboarding

  • Build custom codes within Salesforce and utilize Salesforce native as well as standard third-party capabilities


  • 42% increase in velocity

  • 36% performance improvements

  • Increased release cycles per year

  • Embedded a culture of continuous learning within the enterprise through governance and community practices

  • Steered end-to-end accountability with clearly defined responsibilities

  • Automation through DevOps enabled a reduction in the overall product cost

  • Upskilled cross-functional teams on Agile and DevOps best practices with fully operational CI/CD pipelines for self-sufficiency

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