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Next-Generation Sales Forecasting Application

Hi-Tech | Fortune 500 Digital Communications Technology Company

Next-Generation Sales Forecasting Application


  • Requirement for round-the-clock support catering to the client’s worldwide sales team for their advanced forecasting platform

  • Need for a business-critical application with minimal turnaround time

  • Redundant bookings and opportunity pipelines system


  • Incorporate a 24/7 support team by identifying key resources, providing required incident management training, and guiding users with the entire process flow

  • Educate the importance of Rally, and equip Scrum masters for multiple tracks ensuring continuous delivery

  • Enable continuous monitoring and alerts on jobs fetching the latest bookings and pipeline numbers to ensure the forecast is accurate

  • Ensure round-the-clock support so that tickets are resolved within the given SLA


  • Increased user satisfaction from the timely resolution of issues

  • Reduced operational costs with a Global Delivery Model

  • Increased efficiency of Knowledge Management System for streamlined case trending, data lineage, and process documentation

  • Quick turnaround time and resolute solution for long pending issues with efficient deployment

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